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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my honey buns !! I’m so excited to get to know you guys as you join me on my path as becoming a fully qualified Fashion Designer !!! .. This is all new to me so just bare with me 😉 Ok so lets get the boring bits over with, and let me introduce myself to you.


My names Natalie Onoita, I’m 24 years old and from the UK. Im mixed raced half African Nigerian and half white. I’m in my final year of my degree of BA HONS Fashion design. I’m literally so stressed out, with tones of work 😦 but hey that’s student life for you !! Il be taking you behind the scenes of Fashion, showing you the full process as what its really like for a designer who develops and then create their final collection. Their will be photoshoots, styling, make up, hair, fashion shows (London Graduate Fashion Week) and SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!! Im proud to also announce I am being sponsored by Kashmiri Aroma a restaurant in the UK ! So I shall be blogging about them and their yummy foods 🙂  So later on during my posts I’ll be telling you more and more as to what my collection is about !!

kasmiridemo of dress



Ok lets move on from that haha … I adore animals 🙂 I have Todd my Jack Russell who is 11yrs, Miss Britney Spears my cat who’s 5yrs. Now Brits had kittens yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay and I have given one away but now I’m left with Charile (who’s a boy) and then Elsa (who’s a girl) I need to find Elsa a home, but I feel so attached to her. Their so cute always wanting cute cuddles and then having their mad half hour which any cat owner will understand !


I really don’t know what else I can say about me lol I love music !!! I sing and write that’s always been a passion of mine. Check me out on youtube Natalie Onoita !! And yes im Adele fan I bout her Album straight away its amazing !!!! Deffo recommend to you all !



Asda £9.99


My blogs wont be just fashion based, it literally may come as a shock but last year I reverted to Islam. Alhamdulillah It was the best choice I have made in my life becoming a Muslim. Id really like to blog about this at some point, as I know their will be other reverts out their who will be going through the same things as I did before I reverted.


islamic quote


Your probably wondering why I have a different heading in my blog ‘Colour Is Simply Art’ – well that’s because the statement speaks for its self. I just personally think theirs so much going on in the world that people from all different backgrounds and cultures need to stick together. Without culture we wouldn’t be able to embrace different foods, music, art and so much more.


I have so much to blog about I have the items I bought from Balmain X H&M, the Katy Perry Christmas collbation with H&M and so much more!! Which by the i am in sooooooooooooooooooo much in love with stunning pieces ! Personally I think H&M have up’d their game this year and are potentially one of the best retail sellers for fashion. Anyways that’s it for now the boring bits done with!!! So lets get down to blogging about fashion !!


balmain 1



h&m katy perry

HXM £14.99

Dont forget to get following my Instagram account @natalie_onoitas_fashion_design !!!

Stay safe, lots of love Nat xxx

#PrayForSyria ❤️

11 thoughts on “ME, .. ME, .. MEEEEEEEEE !

    1. Hey lovely thank you so much ! Yeah definitely keep in touch 🙂 I just looked at your blog it’s stunning your so descriptive I love that ! Where did you get your tartan scarf it’s so nice Nat x


    1. Hey babe you okay? Yeah are tutors been at us for ages for it as Fashion students it’s compulsory! And with are collections launching next year !!! Omg this is all new to me I don’t know how to use it properly least I can ask you now hahah !!! Oooo are you doing it too I just had a look so cute !!! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awh thank you 🙈 Eeeeekkk it’s my collection I’m nervous about atm when it’s set and advertising campaign is complete that’s when il be blogging like mad and set a website to promote. Thank you and good luck with yours keep going 🙌🏽 xxxx


  1. Such a lovely post, you’re gorgeous Ma shaa Allah!& that Blazer’s gorgeous too! So excited to see more of your posts, this was such a nice introduction and I can’t wait to read more about your journey converting to Islam. I hope you’re career as a fashion designer takes off and I wish you all the success in the world💞💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHH SISTER THABK YOU SO MUCH !!!! Such humble and kind words mashaAllah you have a kind heart ! So much lovely things you have said at once I’m literally lost for words 🙈 InshaAllah my fashion design career takes off ! And InshaAllah I will post about Islam I have a post in my head 🙈❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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