5/5/15 – Balmain X H&M collection released the worlds gone mad !!!


Hiiiii Honey Buns 🙂 Sooooo I guess you know what this blog post is about, the craziness of us fashionistas wanting to get their hands on this limited edition collection! It’s literally one month on from today haha and this day still makes me laugh! I literally can’t believe I was going crazy trying to get my order. So ima tell you about the crazy day which made the world go MAD !!!

*Image is not my own from Google


I woke up it was 8.30am, I had put my alarm on to wake me up as the collection was going live on the H&M website at 9am! I wasn’t really feeling it at first as I was ill AGAIN with my tonsils grrrr! Anyways I just thought I would go on the website to see if I wanted to add anything extra to when I go to purchase. I was stunned when I couldn’t log on to the website as it was down 😱 ! 8.30am in the morning it wasn’t even loading ! I realised how I had underestimated the amount of other fans wanting Oliver Rousteing Balmain collection pieces ! But honestly I was sooooooo annoyed, I only wanted three items and thought the way H&M handled the situation was applorling !


All what was showing up on the screen was “Sorry it’s not you, it’s us” – I just thought to myself are they literally trying to wind me up ! That’s something you’d say when you was a teenager to break up with a boyfriend ! H&M didn’t in the slightest seem sympathetic! I knew my other friend Amelia (she’s also on my Fashion Design degree course) wanted some items from this collection too, so I thought i would phone her. We were both having the same problems, it was so frustrating! We was both having a mental break down on the phone (I’m literally laughing as I write this I can’t believe we was this traumatised) trying to access the website – But that annoying message was still their !


*Images are not my own for google


As I was on the phone to Amelia I went on to Twitter and I was sooooooo shocked by what I saw. So much CRAZINESS around the world over this collection !!!!!! I was seeing videos of people fighting for these items of clothing in the selected  H&M stores, which may I say probably didn’t even fit them anyway. People had camped outside the selected H&M stores inorder they would be first in the ques to get what they wanted. When I saw all this it just freaked me out !!!!!! I just thought their is no chance of me and Amelia getting anything ☹️ It just didn’t seem to happen BUT then I refreshed the page !!!!


By now it was about 10.10am and then the website came up !! Quickly with my hands shaking I selected my items (looking back I wished I picked more the hoodie even) I just thought QUICKKKKK NAT GET THEM TO THE BASKET!!! And I did and get them to check out and then H&M closed down their website for 20mins and would be live again at 10.50am ! I was just like are they serious im dying in pain with my tonsils and all I wanted was my three items !!!!


Screen shot from my iphone


For the next 40mins me and Amelia were so stressed out and hyped up are families were both laughing at us at this physical state this collection had made us! Looking back it’s crazy it was like we were hypnotised we just had to buy these items and whyyyyyy?? Cause they are a collaboration of two iconic businesses and it would never happen again !! 


*Images are not my own from google


10.50am arrived – Still on the phone we refreshed are pages .. And are items were at check out !!!! Taking no chances we didn’t dare go back to add more pieces, otherwise we would of lost are place in the que. Both of us went in a melt down finding are cards – Now I have a confession my best friend says I live in the stone ages I had NEVER EVER done online shopping I didn’t know how !!! It’s not my fault I blame Yorkshire Bank they have only updated recently !!


Anyways my friend had completed her transaction and bought her items but I was still figuring it all out 😭 ! I literally got to the point were I was so exhausted from this and my tonsils didn’t help either and I was just like “Ameliaaaaaaaa I can’t do thisssss!” But bless her she was like Nat you can she was persistent and I actually managed it, I got my confirmation email I had successfully placed my order!

Screen shot from my iPhone


We both were soooooooo happy!! This long morning had been worth it ! Not only that but I had learnt how to do online shopping 😂 ! Which I’m regretting now haha my I say! Me and my friend felt like the luckiest girls in the world !


I know so many of you didn’t get your order. On reflection I feel that as Balmain is one of the leading Fashion Houses at this present time they should of restocked or should of made more quantities as the volume of people who wanted to be apart of the #Balmaination couldn’t be! I also found it disgusting for the cons of people who only bought items to sell them for ridiculously more on eBay! My items are worth a lot but I would never do that!  So for them people who went through the hassle I literally do feel for them, I only hope in H&M’s next collaboration they handle the matter more better.


*Image found on Twitter 


For the items I’m going to create a styling look book for you guys so that way il show you what I think of them – sort of a review but we will see what happens ! Tell me of your experiences of this collaboration which made everybody go MAADDDDD !!!

Here are my three items which I bought 😊




They are so stunning in my opinion worth the hassle and stress !! ❤️

Dont forget to add my Instagram page and watch as I developed my final S/S collection launching next May/June 2016 @natalie_onoitas_fashion_design

Stay safe, Lots of Love Nat xxx

#PrayForSyria ❤️


4 thoughts on “5/5/15 – Balmain X H&M collection released the worlds gone mad !!!

    1. I know !!!! It got to the point where I just thought I can’t literally do this but my friend helped me through it !!! And thank you beautiful 😘❤️❤️

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    1. Haha it was a mad time trying to buy these honestly !! They are pricey but deffo worth it 🙈 Thanks for the comment Hun ❤️


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