All I want for Christmas is …

Hiiii honey buns!!!! I’m so sorry for the delay posts I’ve been sooooo busy with uni deadlines of semester 1! I’m so happy that’s over with, but I’m feeling scared for semester 2! It was that time of year where everything goes so crazy and time flys! And plus I’ve been working so much ! I work in retail at tkmaxx and as its peak time it’s crazy! I finished uni on Thursday and I’ve been working everyday ever since and I’ve even been doing 8hour shifts so I’ve literally had no time for myself! Today I’ve just managed to rush around to complete my Christmas shopping!

And As you know I’m in my final year at university for my Fashion degree! So I’ve been focusing and perpairing on the launch of my final collection next year so I’m just all busy busy busy! But yaaaaaay I’ve broken up now so I can just learn to relax and chill 🙂 ! And the best part is just catch up with you guys 🙂 I’m so excited for Christmas I love the festive season so much !! And plus it’s my three years anniversary with my fiancé!! I can’t believe it’s in two days and it’s finally here !!! I haven’t even sorted out my Christmas tree yet I’ve had so much to do!

Anyways moving on 😉 this blog post is about the to die for items I wanna see under my Christmas tree on Christmas Day !! Wow I can’t believe it, the years literally flown, soon it will be 2016!!! I’ve picked particular items which I have just fell in love with, so let’s take a look ! Il explain my reasons as to why !

1) Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit

*Image from Google 
I can’t deny the fact, that I am a Kardashian fan. To be honest I’m sure most of you are too!!! Sooooo it was not surprising when Kylie released her own lip kit, as she has been a true 2015 fashion icon! The three shades of Candy K, True Brown and Dolce K sold within minutes!!!! I did try to purchase them but it just didn’t happen, the website was just frozen 😦 However I just love the three shades which Kylie has chosen. The lip kit is a lip liner and a matte liquid lip bottle. Firstly you would put on your lip liner to define your lips and then simpley fill in the rest of the lips with the matte liquid. On the website LipKitByKylie.com they are selling for $29.00 and according to google ahaha that is £19.56 !! Personally I think that is literally a decent price as its a lip kit. Also I was reading up on the reviews and it had highly positive feed back! The three shades are all very distinctive and in trend at the moment.


Out of the three shades I really want my hands on Dolce K, the first shade!! I think this shade is a nice, subtle and natural look. It could be worn as a day to go lip to uni, work or catching up with friends.
However lately after seeing the images of other beautiful girls on the lipkitbykylie on Instagram, I have been really lusting over True Brown!!!!! I know this shade is dark, but I think this is soooo hot and would complete any outfit making it on point! Thinking of styling, it would look so glam with a white jumpsuit and a sleek tight pony tail and gold accessories!

*Image from Google 

Unfortunately I don’t think Santa will slip this beauty under my tree as its just sold out within minutes for the second time !! I really hope Kylie restocks this and makes it more accessible for those worldwide! And when she does il eventually get my hands on it !!

2) Lancomè la vest belle

*Image from Google

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne and Fantasy by Britney Spears were both equally my number one perfumes. Until, about 3/4 years ago Lancomè kicked them both out of the equation.
Ever since I’ve been using this parfum and I can’t explain how beautiful it is! Honestly honey buns the smell is so yummy and indulging! It’s a true classic, which lasts and lingers for ages. I know this sounds so stupid haha but if anybody else wears this parfume, is it me or does it feel like the smell develops on your body over time and becomes stronger? I feel like the heat on your body increases the scent? I don’t know if it’s just me haha but that’s my conclusion!


This scent is indeed a great investment for parties or everyday wear! You only need a little bit too as its a parfume the scent is much stronger. I know it’s abit pricey but it’s literally worth every penny !! I found the best price at Boots for £45 which includes the Lancomè La Vest Belle Eau De Parfume 30ml, Body Lotion 50ml and Shower Gel 50ml.

3) Yankee SnownFlake Cookie

*Image from Google

I’m hoping one of the presents from my brother will be this! I smelt this the other day and I thought i was in heaven!! It was literally such a nice sweet girly smell!!! Yankee Candles are known for their natural fragranced candles which do actually scent your entire room with the chosen chandle you have desired. I REALLY want SnowFlake Cookie!!!!!! It goes with the festive season and plus the bonus it’s pink !! You can get this beauty on Amazon for £20! 

4) Concert Tickets

All the major stars have announced they will be in concert next year: Leona Lewis, Adele, Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey !! I would seriously just die if I attended one of the above! Okay well I do have a confession!!! I am going to Justin Biebers Purpose world tour next year in October whoooop haha that was a Christmas present from my beloved !! I’m so excited me and my friend Amelia are going together haha we are true believers!!!
But I really wanna go to the other two ladies concerts !! Seeing Mariah perform her classics would be outstanding and also seeing my icon Leona I think I would just pass out !! Wish I went to all of them! Why do they do this to us fans like release the dates all at the same time 😦 !! Maybe I’m being took greedy for this one honey buns 😦

6) New look Chunky Chelsea boots

Have you ever experienced when you go shopping and you see something you go to buy, but then you think il go look around at other stores then il decide? Well this is what happened with these !!! They have grown on me so much lately, grrrr I hate when I do this to myself !!!! The grey suedette against the black heel and black detailing of the boot really compliment each other so well! I adore chunky heeled Chelsea boots as their my favourite type of boot style. These would look lovely with black skinny jeans 🙂 They are only £24.99 at New Look ! 


7) Urban Decay Naked 3

*Image from Google 

Honestly when it comes to make up I’m no expert I just know my basic stuff of foundation, top liner and false eyelashes !! To be fair I’m really good at putting on the falsies!!! But when I saw this palette at the Urban Decay section i instantly fell in love!! It’s so pretty I love the shades and they are so pigmented aswel! You could really create some beautiful looks with these shades. If somebody bought me this then I actually would mess about with the eye shadows and watch the tutorials!!! It’s selling for £38.00 at Debanhams.

8) Camel Double Breasted Sleeveless Jacket

If you know me personally you will know I’m like obsessed with coats and Blazers ! So when I saw this I just thought WOW !!! I haven’t got something like this and I think it would look really smart with a black polo neck top ! The camel colour would go with anything aswel as it is a autumny/wintery shade ! Plus it’s double breasted !! It would make any ordinary outfit look more dated and trendy as it will be seen as adding a extra layer to keep you nice and cosy!  It’s currently on sale at New Look for £26.24 RRP £34.99!!! That’s what you call a bargain !!!

9) MOTO Khaki Joni Jeans

I ALWAYS get my jeans from Topshop without fail ! I don’t know they just fit perfectly unlike other jeans which seem to expand over time haha !! I love this khaki tone, I’ve never owned a pair of jeans this shade so i want to move out of my comfort zone! These would look so nice teamed up with a jumper just like the photo ! Joni jeans are my all time faves as they fit perfectly to the body and like I said they don’t stretch and also their high wasted !! The price is a bit ott but they last for ages !! It’s a case of you are are buying quality and not just the branded name ! You can grab this beauty at Topshop for £36.00 !!! Remember  you can get 10% student discount too!! 

10) Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Straightener 


I really need a new hair straightener !!! Mines old now and doesn’t seem to be doing the job on my hair anymore! I was going to invest in a GHD as I know they are the best ones around. However my cousins bout this Nicky Clarke straightener and told me it was amazing! One of my cousins has similar hair type to mine, as I am mixed raced of white and African my hair is natural curly! Theirfore I need a good straightener to make my hair straight or wise it would start to rise during the day haha ! Anyways my cousin bought this after her GHD had broken she was so impressed with the results and for the price she encouraged my other cousin to buy it. Now I really want it too after I used my cousins I was amazed !!
Nicky Clark is a professional hair stylist so no wonder her knew what he was doing when he created this! I’ve fallen in love it with!! You can get this at Argos for only £24.99 !! That’s so cheap and with the results after you won’t be let down! 

So their you go, that is my Christmas wish list !!! It’s weird when you was a child you use to look through the Argos and index catolge and mark the toys you so desperately wanted !!! Then write that list for Santa! But as you get older you work and provide for yourself it’s hard to think what you need when you just buy what you want, when you want !!! But these are the gifts I desire and anybody reading this who knows me you have two days to get it sorted !! Tell me what you think honey buns or tell me your wish list 🙂

Don’t forget to follow my Instagram account natalie _onoitas_fashion_design to see my journey of my final collection for SS 2016!! 

Stay safe, lots of love Nat xxx
#PrayForSyria ❤️

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    1. Awh hey honey !!! Omg I thought it was just me it literally like develops on your skin doesn’t it !!! And Awh snowflake cookie is heaven on earth !!! Awh thank you honey 🙂 xxxx


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