Keeping The Festive Spirit Alive ❤️☃❄️

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Heyyyyyyyyyyy honey buns this blog was originally supposed to be loaded on the morning of Boxing Day but it’s been such a loooong day! Sorry it’s posted up late I’ve been so busy. I just wanna start my blog post by saying my prayers 🙏🏽 are with thoughs effected by the floods yesterday in England and in Yorkshire. 

My uncle was unfortunately one of those victims and he has lost everything in his bungalow. It’s so sad, you hear of this type of disaster but when you actually see it that’s another thing.

 Thank you to all those who have helped those effected today and especially with my uncle. But like my uncle said theirs so many others in the same position as him, he’s just very happy himself and his wife are okay and that’s what matters the most. As Yorkshire foke be believe you can take away anything, but you can never take away are humour!!
 But even so this will now be months of getting their home rebuilt like many in Yorkshire terribly effected. I have seen on Facebook their is a charity called Muslimsforhumanity.org.uk working for those who would need any help during this difficult time. They have a flooding relief number which is 01612321222 you can also find them on Twitter @MKA_UK 

The images above are of my uncles place and are my own 

Gosh today’s crazy but I’m trying not to think about it. Il keep you posted on the events going on ! 

It’s now TWO DAYS after the big build up !     


And yet you just still can’t help but still feel the need to be sooo festive in anyway as possible ! So here’s my guide on how to keep the festive spirt uplifted even if your feeling the winter blues !! 

Christmas jumpers 


My fave Christmas jumper this year was from the collaboration of H&M and Katy Perry the #HappyandMerry campaign ! Here Katy Perry launched a collection of clothing for the festive season from a dress, festive jumpers, blazers, accessories and much more ! And plus their are all at affordable prices so that everybody can purchase ! 



The Elfie Selfie ! 


Omg the elfie selfie jumper was just the best item I think Katy made! Every year I always buy a Christmas jumper, I don’t know I just do even though some groan “Its a waste of money” – but it helps me get into the festive spirit! And at a incredible £14.99 how could I not resist! 

With added sequins with festive reds,golds and greens what else could you possibly ask for! I had originally bought this jumper for work (I work in retail at TkMaxxx) The customers loved it, I gathered so many compliments! It’s so pretty your head basically makes up for the Elfs body on the jumper! Hence the Elfie Selfie 😂 It’s no surprising Katy Perry was the designer for this funky festive jumper! It totally breaths her loud personality and I’m sure any Katy Perry fan will totally agree !


It’s all about just relaxing with your loved ones and your poor feet after Christmas Day! Just think of the hell they have endured while you have been doing mad Christmas shops and working extra shifts at work! Your little feet need loving too 🙂 

EVERY BODY should have a pair of wacky Christmas slippers !! It brightens up your mood and makes you feel more festive ! I loooooveee mine they are from Primark, unfortunately they are a gift so I do not know how much they are 😦 sorry ! The cute Santa hat on Micky Mouse with the bell is the finishing touch to making this so appealing to your eye! 
And plus you can hear me walking around the house by the bells ringing 😂

Make up 

Make up,make up,make up ! The thing which every girl thinks about when planning a outfit!! 

Last month I bought some Revolution make up from Super Drug! I bought the eye shadow pallet and also the Pro Fix Spray! For the prices I paid, they are such good quality ! I’m nothing but impressed with them !!! 
So far I’ve been using the two to get me through the festive season and the long shifts at work ! The pallets contains 12 shades of earthy shimmery eyeshadow tones! They are soooo pigmented and high quality. I chose this pallet as I thought more sophisticated looks could be created. It’s greate for smokey eyes or gold classic effects ! 
I have never worn a fixing spray before, I use to think it wasn’t a product which would really work. But boy I was wrong ! I was amazed to notice how my make up would still be looking fresh after soooo many hours from first applying my make up! This Pro Fixing Spray if definitely worth testing if your like me always on the go! 

Oooo don’t forget those lips 😘
Oh common brave it out and put your bright red lippy on ! You can’t get through this season and not have red lips! 

Mine is RubyWoo from Mac ! It’s such a lovely shade of bright matte red, once applied it lasts for HOURS ! So no need to keep reapplying ! 
Nails !! 


You can go all out, be wacky out of the box and nobody can say anything as its Christmas !  

As everything else from clothing, make up and foods relate to the festive season why not include your nails into this theme ! 

Try something different with your nails !!!! 

Il let these beautiful images speak for them self, but mixing it up of a bright red shade and touch of glitter will not leave your beautiful hands unnoticed ! Amen 🙏❤️ 


Music is the element which gets the party started!!! I purchased the two albums of “NOW Thats What I Call Music 91” and “POP Party 15” ! 

Personally I feel they are as equally as good as each other! They have all the latest songs and the very best of 2015! I loved the CDs so much I just let them play in the selected playlist! If you can decide, which one do you prefer? Get your copies at HMV !! 

Fave Mug


As the night ends and everybody calms down and begins to relax this is where your elders in your family tell old stories. Nothing beats winding down with hot chocolate and cream! Not only that but with your own mug ! 


Haha I loveeeee mine, my mum bought me it for Christmas. As I’ve already explained I sing and this cup is life to me ! I’ve never seen anything like it before 😍 its so unique! It’s the bestest (if that is even a word) mug ever !!!!! Here I was having hot chocolate with cream and some chocolate sprinkles on top 🙂 


The best part about Christmas is the food ! Omg where can I get started 🙂 
I made a Gingerbread house haha ! Not bad at my first attempt 🙂 I didn’t really like the taste, to be fair I only

Made it as my little nephew is obsessed with gingerbread men ! It looked so fanstyantasy and cute I really enjoyed baking this !! I think I may keep it as a yearly tradition haha !! 

We have to remember that Christmas isn’t about money and gifts but giving to others, even them less fortunate than yourself ! It’s about coming together as a family unit. I know how everybody gets so busy in their own life but Christmas is a occasion which pulls everybody together ! 
Thank you girlies I hope you enjoyed my blog today ! And again my thoughts and prayers are with thoughs effected by the floods! I go back to work tomorrow haha I wonder how crazy shoppers will be !!! 

I’m sooooo excited for next year especiall for my collection to be launched ! View my journey and work and don’t forget to follow me on:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/natalie_onoitas_fashion_design/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NatalieOnoita


Have to get back to my work for my launch of my collection next year SS 2016 I think I’ve had enough time with the festive season!! P.S think you to my beautiful model Amelia for my prototype 😘

Stay safe, lots of love Nat xxxx

#PrayForSyria ❤️

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