Katy Perry Red Dress !! ❤️

Hiiiiiiiii my Honey Buns !! How are you all feeling after Christmas haha ! Did you eat too much turkey? Chocolates? Desserts? Oh well that’s what Christmas is about, just letting go having fun celebrating with loved ones! It’s ok to just let your hair down sometimes and not worry about things! Ok on a serious note, if I honestly see anymore food I think I’m going to be sick 😷

Thought I would get you all up to date with the situation of my uncles property with the Yorkshire Floods. Sadly my uncle and his wife were told that their home has now been condemned. They are never allowed to return as the foundation of their home is unsafe 😢

  These are the original photos of the wreckage of my uncles home due to flooding on Boxing Day

It is heart breaking, they have lost everything they have worked for and plus they are nearly in their 60s. I can only thank God they are safe. My uncle was left with a swollen and bruised hip as the force of the water swept Into his home, at such force knocking him off his feet.
It’s scary to think how rain can do so much damage 😔 They are now currently living in a hotel, as everything they own has been contaminated by the flooded river. Now sewage, bacteria and infections linger in their home. They are only allowed to take small items such as ornaments – nothing much is it 😔 

Times like this you really need to stick together. It’s so lovely to see on my Facebook news feed that my home town of Bingley have made a group called “Bingley Flood Support Group” 

Please if you are effected near my area please CHECK IT OUT!! 

Remeber this is the Facebook page please like and share to spread awareness  “Bingley Flood Support Group”


Their has been so much up lifting posts of how the community have stuck together and how others want to help out! Local superstores such as Aldi, Sanisburys, CO-OP and many more have donated food, gloves, drinks and much more. It’s really nice to see people helping those in need from the heart.

All of these people are like my uncle left homeless. Please help this page by donating and offering the little things you can ! If you are from Yorkshire and reading this post please look after your self as tomorrow (Wednesday 29th) has been given a red flood alert warning 😢 Their is said to be so much rain falling within a few hours so please look after yourselves! 

I hope the above post was a eye opener for you all and got you thinking! 


Okay so let’s goooooooooo 😊 I am a HUGEEEE Miss Katy Perry fan ! I adore everything about her from her music to her individual iconic style! 


The above photos were taken when I went to see her last year at her Prismatic World tour at the M.E.N arena in Manchester in the UK ! She was outstanding, it felt like it was a big party for all us fans together singing along with Katy to her hits of Pop songs! I love California Gurls, Dark Horse and The One That Got Away! Which one are your faves Katy Perry Tracks 💜


So when h&m confirmed they had collaborated with her to release a collection called #happyandmerry I instantly wanted to see what was in her collection!! I originally bought two items from the collection – the Elfie Selfie and the long red dress. But in this post I’m going to be focusing on the red dress 😍


Eeeeek I actually feel very nervous about this blog post. Its my first time in doing a shoot of myself and not others 😂 As a fashion designer you are use to styling models and focusing on them. HOWEVER when the cameras on you – Now give credit to models and those who I’ve worked with. But as a designer I now have to start feeling more comfortable with myself and start being more confident. So here’s my styling of Katy Perrys #HappyAndMerry red dress❤️

Woooow 😍 It truely is soooo beautiful and I promise I’m not saying this because I’m a big fan of Katy!


The dress is a tone of popping bright red and the fabric is very light in weight. If you look you can see the zigzag pattern on the fabric it’s so pretty. 

You can’t help but feel like a eligent women in this garment – yes that’s how I would describe this dress very womanly. 

It has a deep v-neckline theirfore don’t worry ladies if you lack in the boob area 🙊 This dress will add abit more volume in their haha ! 

All you have to do is pull the draw strings which are placed under the bust. Then just wear a good bra and you’ll be good to go 🙈 


The dress has long sleeves, I think this balances it out with the long length of the dress. If Katy had choosen short sleeves the garment would of lost its classical look. You can see that Katy has opted for a triangular shape when designing this garment hence the v-neckline and the split at the side of the dress.


It also has a underskirt lining, to give you that extra support so that your DERRIERE isn’t exposed! And in French that means your behind 😂


CLINQUE Red Lipstick 

As my hair is natural red, I get asked ALOT “Do you find it hard wearing the colour red, as it clashes with your hair colour?” And my answer to that is NOOOOOO! Just because I’m a red head it doesn’t mean I have to avoid certain colours are you crazy ! 


If anything I love warm tones, therefor I opted for a bright red lippy  😊 It just draws everything together ! If I had picked a lighter shade of lipstick, I think it would look slightly odd and make my face look so washed out against the reddy tones ! 


Here I’m wearing the CLINQUE lipstick I got this FREE FROM GLAMOUR MAGAZINE! Its very impressive as I always wear Mac lipsticks. Its a shine based lipstick,so it was nice to try a change instead of matte based. 

Dorothy Perkin Necklace 

I added a gold necklace to this dress as I just didn’t want to take the attention away from the dress. Their are some dresses which need that extra help! Accessories help some garments look more appealing, but then their are some which NEED LITTLE TWEEKING as this dress speaks for it’s self !!


My necklace was gifted to me from my brother theirfore I do not know the price! But I do know it is from Dorothy Perkins!  

River Island Bag 


Omg omg omg I love this side bag! 😍 It’s sooooo old honestly I can’t even remember it’s age. As you can see it has its wear and tear but I do not care it’s hardly noticeable !! Do you own anything you just can’t get rid of? Well this is the one for me. I do remember I bought it from River Island though! 


To me it will always be a vintage piece that I will forever hold as I’ve never seen a side bag like this in my 24years of life ! I love the beaded straps and the whole colour palette of the side bag – gold, black, dark blues and greens very vintage looking! 


I decided to wear my hair to the side for this shoot as I thought it gave me a more classical twist! I simply swept my hair to the side and clipped it in place with some Bobby pins 😊 – I use those longer Bobby pins as my hair is VERY THICK, it helps to hold it in place better. 

Dune Small Heels 

When I saw these shoes I fell in love. The embellished pastel jewels on the T Zone of the foot makes them look so pretty! Also as they are very small heeled you can always wear them with on the go outfits! Such as I think they would look stunning teamed up with white jeans 😍 


I purchased these Dune heels at Tkmaxx I think I paid £31.99 for them. They are my fave heels EVER!! I picked them for this outfit as they are just as classy and eligent looking as the dress 😊

Katy Perry Royalty Perfume

And for the finishing touch don’t forget to wear Katy Perrys perfume ! This smells sooo good honestly you should try it! And I love the shape of the bottle it lives up to its name 💜


So their you go my first blog post on a review of a garment and styling shoot! I guess if you don’t push yourself you’ll never know until you have tried. Please tell me what you think and if you have the dress what are your opinions? 

ALSO A BIG THANKYOU to all the support and love for this blog. I’m new to blogging only been properly doing it the past few days but I look forward to 2016 and see where it may take me! And also introducing you to my collection ! 

I’m sooooo excited I’m literally counting down the days until 2016 is here as its the year my 1st collection will be launched in S\S 2016!!!! ❤️


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Stay safe, lots of love Nat xxx

#PrayForSyria ❤️

5 thoughts on “Katy Perry Red Dress !! ❤️

    1. Awhhh honey look anybody can wear anything they like ! Don’t think like that you’d look stunning in the dress too 😘

      Love Nat xxx


  1. So sorry to read about your Uncle and his house. That must be so heartbreaking losing everything like that. 😦 I hope him and his wife manage to get sorted fairly quickly.

    I love that dress, it really suits you! And the whole outfit together looks gorgeous 🙂 xx

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