H&M X Balmain NYE πŸŽ†πŸ’™


Hiiiiiiiii my honey buns!!! Wow it’s actually here NEW YEARS EVE !!! This years gone so fast I’m so shocked it’s over. I originally created my blog last month and I’ve been so busy I never paid it any attention. However I’m on my Christmas holidays from university, so the past few days I’ve been non stop blogging. I’ve found out soooo much, I never knew their was Blog Lovin or even a community of bloggers. Seriously where have I been? Hidden under a rock πŸ˜‚ But all I do know is I’m new to this, so I would appreciate any guidance along the way 😝 I’ve met some lovely girls and you know who you are !! Ooooooo I even attended my first #LNChitChat and #FBLChat ! It’s sooo fun honestly I’d recommend to anybody ! 
As I’ve told you before I finish uni in May, as I am studying BA HONS Fashion Design. My 1st ever collection will be launched in SS 2016 and now it’s one day away from me saying this year my collection will be out !


Here is a fashion illustration of my design development of my collection. However the final designs look nothing like this, as here was my starting point ! Its just a sneak peak for you all !

It’s sooo scary to think il be pushed into the deep end. All of those sleepless nights, endless fashion illustrations, styling , fashion shows, models and the completion of my 6 garments will be DONE! Literally my blood and tears have gone into this project and I can’t thank those who have supported me enough ! 

Especially my sponser they have been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !! My line is sponsored by KASHMIRI AROMA !  I feel so blessed for them, as a NEW fashion designer it’s extremily hard for a business to want to tagged their name to your collection. 

I’ve been reading so many blogs on people’s 2016 goals and New Years resolutions – yet I’m here trying to figure out my own πŸ€” 

I just want my collection to do very well in 2016. Be able to get the look and feel I have visioned for soooooo long on point! If any bloggers want to interview me on my collection feel free to contact me πŸ™‚ AND if you have noticed I have given little away as to what my collection is about πŸ™ˆ I will be showing you more and more teasers as time goes by ! Then when it’s ready, il be introducing you to my very own brand !! I also look forward to communicating to you honey buns via my blog and other social media! 


All I can say is my collection is inspired by the TUDOR AND ELIZABETHAN ERA. So as you can imagine their is going to be embellishment, silks and velvets !!! Eeek getting me more excited thinking about it all ! 
What a better way to end my 2015 blog post on my NYE outfit which is the LIMITED EDITION OF H&M X BALMAIN !! As you have seen in my blog post before, you will know I will wear this blazer with pride after the stress and trauma I went through ! 


It’s so sophisticated that’s how I would describe it!bOlivier Rousteing  (creative director of Balmain) created the 2012 A/W collection inspired by military features. The heavy weight material, padded shoulders to represent masculinity and long line shape to show the traditional structor of a military styled jacket! However Rousteing has made the arms on the blazer slim fit – this is to create more of a defined shape of the rectangular area ! Enabling the gold vintage double breasted buttons to stand out.




Over all I love this blazer ! It will be something I will ALWAYS CHERISH ! After the hell I went through for buying it, I would never SELL IT!! It’s a item which will never go dated and can be very versatile with styling. 

Here are the close up images of the HM X BALMAIN WOOL BLAZER

Black Suede Chelsea Boots 


I opted for these Black Suede Chelsea boots with a chunky heel! Why? Ok so if your from England, you will know the weather has been terrible lately! I just thought that it would provide this outfit with more feel to the military look! Plus πŸ˜‚ my feet will remain nice, warm and dry! 

MK Rose Gold Watch


Accessory wise I tried to keep it as minimalistic as possible, as the blazer does all the talking! I decided to wear my beautiful MK Rose Gold watch, gifted from my best friend πŸ™‚ ! It’s sooo pretty 😍 also it looks very on point with the outfit! Watches have become VERY popular for the past few years as a jewellery accesorie piece. ANDD Lets face it, everybody loves arm candy ! 

Chucky Necklace 


This necklace is really baffling to me, as I can’t remeber where I purchased it from ! I’m thinking it is either from Miss Selfridge or Dorthy Perkins! I can’t Remember and I only bought it a few months ago πŸ˜‚ But I love it ! The flower in the middle is where all the detailing is. As the clear and black stones contrast really well together. It also goes really well with this outfit 😍 Its not too empowering for the garment.



If you are wanting to use a metallic high pigmented shade at a affordable price – trust me go and use Barry M Dazzle Dust Pots!!! They are soooooo pretty it honestly lives up to its name! 
They won’t make a hole in your purse either! If anything they are a investment. I got mine from Boots this shade is bronze!! 



Common it’s the end of the year now you HAVE to add some glitter – don’t we !!! I bought this glitter hair spray from Claire’s Accessories! It’s soooo good! Just what you need to end 2015 !
And their you are ! I hope you have enjoyed my post honey buns πŸ™ˆ I can’t believe it within 30minutes it will be 2016 !! Well over in the UK it will be ! But HAPPY NEW YEARRRRRRR to you all. I really can’t thank you enough for all the support and love you have given me ! I hope you all have a fantastic night !!! 

ALSO A BIG THANKYOU to all the support and love for this blog. I’m new to blogging only been properly doing it the past few days but I look forward to 2016 and see where it may take me! And also introducing you to my collection ! 

I’m sooooo excited I’m literally counting down the mimites until 2016 is here as its the year my 1st collection will be launched in S\S 2016!!!! ❀️


DON’T FORGET to View my journey of becoming a FASHION DESIGNER and to keep up to date with my work! Follow me on:

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Lots of Love Natt xxxx 

#PrayForSyria ❀️

2 thoughts on “H&M X Balmain NYE πŸŽ†πŸ’™

    1. Thank you honey 😘 They were just development designs my finales look nothing like them haha ! And yes you should deffo get it for a birthday or something it’s so fun to use ! πŸ’™πŸŽ†


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