Stationary Review | Jot Paper Co. 📝💕


Hiiiii honey buns ! How are you all doing!! Haha – tbh I don’t evenn know why I’m sooo giddy I should be extremely stressed out ! My 1st collection went into production yesterday! All my artistic visions and planning are finally going ahead! 

I designed and made my own digital print on silk. What do you think? I’m so pleased with the results eeekkk it’s becoming so realistic! Uni students like myself my advise from a third year student BE ORGANISED !!! Argh I can’t stress enough ! 


    Okay soooo let’s get going then 😉 ! With this post I’m actually really proud of myself as I’m reviewing stationary  from Jot Paper Co. I was stunned when I opened my items to recieve a cute little message inside! 

    Jot Paper Co. Is a stationary brand, which is co-funded by Dan Jennings and Becks Witterick. They have recently just opened their business in November 2015 over here in England! So come on guys we gotta show them some love ! 

    Their speciality area is in designing and creating cards. Honestly if you are a crafts lover or adore textiles you will be in love with these! You seriously won’t be let down!  I’d highly recommend for you to check Jot Paper Co. out as their stationary are completed to perfection. 
    As I began researching into Jot Paper Co.
    I can see that the owners Dan and Becks really do have strong passion for their love for stationary. They value traditional methods, quality materials, ethical sourcing and simply good design. They have heart behind their products! 

    All the stationary are perfectly hand crafted and then finalised in the heart of the Jot Studio. Unlike other manufactures who just use what ever materials they can find to build profit, Jot Paper Co. have carefully sourced all their own materials, to ensure the best quality FSC certified paper. Forest Stewardship Council certification allows consumers to buy forest products like paper to be sourced from an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner!!


    Jot Paper Co. have kindly sent me FIVE artistically creative CARDS from their collections of MARBLE, NEON and GRANITE ! At a bargain price of £3.50 each HOWEVER they are currently Doing a offer of 3 for 2 on on ALL cards, when you use the code JAN342 at checkout! Soooo let’s take a look eekk !! 



    The NEON Collection consists of 9 different cards with messages such as:

    • Happy Birthday 
    • Good Luck
    • Love
    • Thank you 

    I would describe this collection as the most energetic, fun, eye catching one ! With the popish art colours, mixed with a floresnent message! Yes that’s right the message on the card glows in the dark ! 



    We all get busy and side tracked by life. Not meaning to neglect loved ones, while being soooooo caught up in life. And yes Im not even going to lie to you – I’m guilty of that.  So why don’t you send a cute enlightening message to your loved ones! Whether it’s your parents, partner or best friend it’s nice to send that comfort to somebody you really care for. To remind them your thinking of them always. Something like this will instantly put a smile on somebody’s face ! And already I can think of a few 🙈 It’s such a lovely thought and that’s what matters the most right ? ANDDD for only £3.50 I think that’s a bargain ! 

    Hello, It’s me …🎶

    I just think this Pink NEON Hello card is so effective ! The bright yellow card and the bright pink font fuse together so well. It also comes with a purple envelope. In a way the theme reminds me of them sweet heart sweets Hahahaa ! I think only 90s baby’s will understand me on this 🙈


    Arghhh where is time going?! VALENTINES DAY is only around the corner! So why not treat somebody with this Candy Pink ADORABLE card! When I was younger, I use to love recieving cards with soooo much detail in them – such as the poems. But now I think simplicity is best. The NEON PINK LOVE CARD is so modern and straight to the point it would melt anybody’s heart ! 

    The light pink card comes with a cool grey envelope. Plus it’s soooo pretty 💕



    The GRANITE COLLECTION consists of 4 differnt designs of cards for the celebration of Happy Birthday. 

    Out of all the collections this is the most edgy of all! With its marbled, waterish effect design – it’s clear that mixed medias were use used to creat this individual look!

    Marble No.1


    I loooove this card I think it’s so weird looking – not in a bad way though! Weird as in I have NEVER EVERRR seen another card like it before. I personally think it’s so unique, so dramatic and Sooo distinctive looking. Also this classic effect of black and white enables the Marble No.1 to be unisex. 


    The gold foil font polishes the look of the card. I don’t know if it’s because I appreciate the world of the arts, but I really do love this watery effect on the Marble No.1 as it brings it to life ! Also it reminds me of Dalmations so what are you waiting for? ♠️

    Granite No.2
    The Granite No.2 has taken more of a softer feminine approach. With soft baby pink I have ALWAYS thought of three colours which works well with it – grey, black and white ! AND this card is embedded with all three!!!!!! 
    This card would be perfect for any girly girl, it’s just so subtle. The font is in gold foil so it makes it even more girly ! This original print design is created from Jot Paper Co. marble paper to provide it with that realistic look! 



    The MARBLE Collection consists of 5 different cards designs for the celebration of Happy Birthday. 

    This collection is very diverse as each colour pallet from each card is very different!  

    Marble No.1 Birthday 


    When looking at this I can’t help but think what a bold birthday card this would make for a male! Personally I think this card looks very manly! Have you got your other halfs birthday coming up? Or even your brother? Or anybody else’s? Instead of sending something sloppy which men HATE buy them something which they will actually appreciate ! And I know this as I have asked a few males to what they prefer.


    The colours of pop blue, greys and white are a great combination to contrast with each other. It tricks one eye, as to the effect of the marble is so life like. The photographs do not do them justic! 


    Okay girlies so that’s my 1st review ! I am absolutely loving Jot Paper Co. Their cards are stunning and screeeaammm originality!! Not only that Dan and Becks actually have a passion for what they do. It’s important to remeber the people behind the products as I have mentioned before. I am definitely excited to see what 2016 has instore for this stationary brand. As they will be expanding. 



    So why not check their website out http://www.jotpaperco.com

    Follow them on Instagram on : jotpaperco 
    Follow them on Twitter : @Jotpaperco.com

    Sponsored by Kashmiri Aroma 



    22 thoughts on “ Stationary Review | Jot Paper Co. 📝💕

      1. Yes please go check it out honey! They are so aware of the environment too which j love ! They are stunning cards 🙈 perfect for anybody who appreciates the arts ! Thank you for commenting Hun 😊

        Love Nat xxxx


    1. The marble designs are soo cool! I’m always looking for new pretty things to get my hands on so will definitely check these out. Thanks for sharing 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah please do sweetie you won’t be let down! Their quality is amazing 😊 ! Thanks for commenting honey 🙈

        Love Nat ❤️


      1. Trust me they are adorable ! This company appreciates the environment also which many do not put into consideration ! Awh thank you for read Hun !

        Love Nat ❤️


      1. I know I work at Tkmaxx and I always get side tracked with the stationary they have some unique pieces ! You should look their decent value for money ! I’m really happy you liked it honey thank you for commenting 😘 xxxxx

        Love Nat xxxx


      1. I know when I revived the hello card haha 😂 I just knew I had to do this !!!! Me too stationary is my life !! I own to much plus I work at tkmaxx so I’m always buying unique things !! Yeah Deffo check them out they are a really good business 😉 Thanks for the comment doll ❤️


    2. First of all.. Congrats on your designs going into production!
      I’ve not heard of jot paper co before… But oh my gosh all the designs are so cute! I’m a huge stationery lover, so I’m off to check them out 🙂
      Kirsty x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awh thank you honey 😘 it’s take a lot of time and stress but getting their !!! Yeah do check them out their so good !!! Thanks for the comment Hun xxx

        Liked by 1 person

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