London Fashion Week | The Bloggers Hang Out 

  Hiiiiiii my honey buns !!!! It’s been time since my last post. Everything’s been so cray cray I’m in my final semester at uni and my 1st fashion collection is out soon! I’ve been soooooo busy 😔 Anyways Ima go straight into this post as its dedicated to London Fashion Week The Bloggers Hang Out Event ! 

On Monday I was invited to the Bloggers Hang Out London Fashion Week event! I can’t lie I was so over the moon when I got my invitation. As you know I’m all so new to blogging and this was my first ever event to attend! I had no idea what to expect ! 


The dress code for the event was all black chic! Which I knew their was only one baby I had to pull out for the event !! My hmXBalmain blazer 😍 Don’t worry il be doing a full coverage of this outfit honey buns everyth soon !!! 

Also I have just had my hair dyed back to red I love the colour what do you ladies think? My hair dresser is Zayn Maliks cousion she’s amazing with hair especially as I have Afro hair type ! 
The journey to London was loooong haha. I had to get my train at 7.30am and even so it was delayed! Can’t trust on public transport eh? 😤 
I had a face free of make up and slept most of the journey so it flew by! Doing my make up on a bouncy jiggly train was not the best of ideas. Especially top eyeliner 😂 hurray for cotton buds to fix the errors out! Here I used the Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallet to get a soft smokey eye look. I guess doing my make up on the train worked out in the end! Anyways lets go into the event !! Ekk !! 


Their were soooo many other bloggers!l at the event! I guess at first I was overwhelmed by how many people where also their !It felt abit daunting at first, as I’m so brand new to all of this this. I didn’t feel as confident at the start to approach the brands, but in the end I just thought to myself YOLO! 😎 Their only human like myself I think the sudden rush got to me!! So Ima talk you threw some brands which caught my eye ! 

Raw Gorilla 


The two promoters for this brand were actually so appreciative that myself and my friends took the time out to talk to them. Raw Gorilla is a organic breakfast and snack brand. The ingredients they use are all super healthy for you. I was lucky enough to try their Raw Cacao Crispies which is a cereal. 

This is a mixture of coconut chips, dates and raw almonds. It’s soo yummy guys honestly. Natural and healthy stuff tend to be bland, but this isn’t at all! It’s packed with raw greens, nuts, seeds and fruits. All providing you with engery and goodness! 

The name Raw Gorilla sounds odd I know! But theirs literally logic behind it all ! The animal Gorilla is scientificly 10 times stronger than us humans. We are their closest relatives, as we share 90% the same DNA. Theirfore Raw Gorilla have used the same sources of diet gorillas eat. Hence gorillas don’t suffer health issues as obesity or diabetes! All they do is chomp on the foods above and live a healthy life! 

Heaven Skin Care 


As I’m a natural red head I tend to just have sensitive skin. However it’s not problematic, I don’t break out or anything. Just if I put most creams on my skin il feel a stinging sensation on the surface. After speaking to the ladies at the brand they gave me two products!!

Heaven Hydro Cleansing Milk

This feels so soft and smooth on my face. I never got no stinging sensation while it was on my skin. It just seemed to suit me instantly. I’ve been using this product everyday since Monday and now I’m hooked. Il deffo be investing in more once the bottles empty! 

Heaven Peppermint Clarifying Hydrogel

I felt abit anxious placing this on my skin as its peppermint, I thought it would be too strong. However it’s really good. After cleansing, place this on cotton wool and in a circular motion rub on to the face. Even though it’s peppermint the smell isn’t strong as I thought it would be. It’s really subtle. You only need a weeny beanie amount too! This can be used as a primer for foundation also !! 



I swear these ladies representing the Heaven Skin Care brand were adorable! They treated me and my friends to getting are eyebrows done! I’ve never had my eye brows tinted/dyed before! At first I didn’t want to get it done as I didn’t want the humiliation of having the eyebrows rubbed off 😂 with WHITE patches around my eyebrows were the foundation was rubbed off also 😂 But after seeing the results of my friends I had to get it done! They looked so natural! 


The above photo is the end result of are tinted brows ! They last about 3/4weeks depending how you look after them! Also it saves me soooo much time in the morning trying to get my brows on fleek haha ! 



The ARK is a skincare range which each of their products are formulated to treat skin by age. They include natural ingredients which are expertised through professional spa treatments. 
ARK gave me a pretty gift bag which contained more information about their brand. They also placed a sample of their primer which I’m looking forward to try! 

The one thing I loved about ARK was their pretty gift bags! I’m such a sucker for pretty gifting bags you can say I’m instantly won over 😂 

Bluebird Tea Co . 


Bluebird Tea Co . gave me two samples of their teas! The mojitea and the strawberry lemonade! Oh my word when I tried the strawberry lemonade it tasted so delicious. It actually tasted better than the twinning S strawberry and mango tea! It was packed with flavour really hit my taste buds! 


No jokes girlies it actually tasted sooo nice I really could taste the flavours of the strawberries.


The Mojitea tasted like mint in a weird way. It wasn’t bitter tasting it tasted really refreshing. 



I’m really into health drinks and foods. So I was really intrigued into tasting their protein shakes! Usually products with no added sugar taste terrible to me but I really liked the flavour of the strawberry.  

  • 22g healthy protein 
  • NO added sugar and low in fat
  • Vitamins, minerals and fibre 
  • The perfect on-the-go snack

I have since talked to UFIT and they told me they would send me some more samples out so il hopefully doing a post in depth about these ! 

Hawaii Foods 





The Benfits Of The Event 
The highlight of the event for me personally has to be meeting other girls out their with the same aspiration as myself! It’s so nice just to meet the bloggers you’ve always spoken to on social media! 
For those who have thought about going to blogging events I’d advise you to just GOOOOO! It’s so benifit all for you and also you do learn so much! Like now at a next event il know the low down of what to expect and how to break the ice with the brands! 
Thank you to The Bloggers Hangout for giving me this opportunity for attending ! I had so much fun !


Lots of love Nat xxx

#PrayForSyria ❤️

5 thoughts on “London Fashion Week | The Bloggers Hang Out 

    1. Honestly it tasted sooooo yummy tastes better than twinnings !!!! Awh thanks Hun hopefully we will be together on the next one 🙂 xxxx


  1. Nat! You have made me so jealous! I wish I was there! First of all your outfit is stunning! Can j have that blazer pls!!!! For someone who did their makeup on the train you looked flawless! Your tinted eyebrows!!! Enough said!!! The post was amazing, you described the event so well I felt like I was there! Hopefully I can go to next one! Well done Hun xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awh thank you my lovely !!!!!! I love my blazer it’s my life haha !!!! Yeah was so difficult doing the make up on the train had to do the most detailing parts when the train stopped at stations 😂😂😂 ! I’m glad you enjoyed it sweet ! Yaaaay I hope i get to see you at the next event you will love it 😊 xxxxxx

      Liked by 1 person

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