Kylie Ripped Me Off πŸ˜’

Hiiiii honey buns it really has been soooooo long since I last blogged ! I’m now done from uni (YAAAAAAAY THANK GOD) Well this introduction is just going to be nice and sweet cause I just wanna get this post out ! In the next blog il have more of a catch up with you guys such as my collection and Eid so here goes!

Last week I finally received my Heir Matte Metal Lipstick from KylieCosmetics. I was SOOOOOO EXCITED to test this out, as it’s the only type of product from KylieCosmetics I do not own! If you order from Kylies brand you will understand the excitement when the box turns up at you’re house ! Seriously if you have been reading my other posts or even following my Instagram page you would see my love for her products. I’ve never had no hassle nor have I had any reasons to complain. Until now … 

Heir is one of the three shades of Kylies metal matte lipstick. I wanted this particular shade as it looked really godly pinkish effective. I thought it would look really pretty to mixed with other products. As I currently own 7 lipkits and one gloss I was desperation to add a metal to my collection. Also with this I wanted to do a full blog review of  the KylieCosmetics Products I owned. So it only made sense to buy a metal right? 

First Impressions…

When I first opened the product I loved the packaging! It was just like the lip gloss presented in a slim box. What made it unique was the lipstick drippings was metallic – with the same shade as the lipstick. When I quickly looked at the product I thought it looked very metallic just how it stated. I didn’t swatch it staight away as it was Ramadan and I was fasting at the time. I guess I was being lazy to open it. However it did look pretty normal to me, so I put it safely away in it’s pretty box.

A week went by … I finally decided to do a swatch test on my arm and match it up with the other KylieCosmetics products I own. Still I didn’t think anything of it, as I was too egar for this picture! Again I put it away after the swatch into its box. Until the next day, I started watching make up tutorials by bloggers on YouTube. 

I then came across Kendall Alfred’s video “Kylie Cosmetics KyMajesty Review You May Have Been Ripped Off” In Kendall’s video she was talking about how her KyMajesty was HALF FULL IF THAT! 

She had bought two of these, one for herself and the other as a give away for her fans. One of the KyMajestys was basically empty and the other one was bareable. In the video Kendall describes the metal matte as “sheer and patchy.” She also complained due to the amount of glitter put into the product it was so gritty on the lips. 

When she put this on social media somebody else told her on Twitter, KylieCosmetics emailed them in response of the complaint saying you need the lip liner of Dead Of The Knight (which is the black matte liquid lipstick) to make it black and opake. Here is proof of false advertising of the product, as it was so sheer yet in Kylies photos it looks so black. Honestly she should of stated you need a under base black lipstick. But she hasn’t. 

Neither got a refund … 

Ok so I was feeling abit weird like something told me to keep investigating after watching this. Then after this, a link suggested for me to watch Tootsie Time with her video WTF? KYLIE JENNER YOU OWE ME SOME MONEY ….. THESE LIPKITS ARE TRASH. Tootsie was so angry in her video and rightly so! Tootsie said Kylie has been “coming for people’s life’s’,” it may sound sooo dramatic to you but on this I one hundered percent agree! These products are so expensive and with so many people complaining the latest edition of the KylieCosmetics is half full are they really scamming everybody? Tootsie continued that the bottle “fools you into thinking it is full because the outside is stained with the lip colour.” Tootsie never even used her product once and it wasn’t even half full. In the video you can see how the product took up to three layers of coating to even start coveringthe lips. She then mentioned that her King K was less than half full also… 

Ok so by now .. I was genuinely worried about my Heir. I just thought to inspect it as I had not looked at it properly since I had bought it. I got the lip applicator pressed it to the side and was amazed by what I saw! IT WAS LESS THAN HALF FULL !! I WAS SOOOO ANGERY I SERIOUSLY FELT LIKE CRYING AND I FELT CONNED !!! How on earth could this product be less than half full when I had swatched it once and had it a week!! What got me was the total expense I mean I paid Β£18 for the product, Β£16 shipping and let’s not forget the Β£12 custom fees people the UK stupily make you pay ! I don’t even want to add this up right now it makes me want to be sick !! 
I then looked at the product over all as I never checked it.

Looking at the above picture you can see their isn’t much product 

After inspecting Heir I noticed how it didn’t look like the photos when it was advertised. It weirdly has more of a orangey pink tone to it.


It doesnt really look like a metallic shade, more of a high ultra sheen. Also it says it’s a metal matte lipstick but I’m sorry how is this in any shape or form matte? When you touch it, it just smudges and transfers. With this product you would need to keep reapplying because it quickly it would start to show your lips. 

I noticed it does also have that classic smell of cupcakes, however when my tongue touched it, it tasted disgusting and tasted like metal I can’t explain the taste. When I 1st tried it on my lips you could see where my lips needed lip scrubbing to take away old skin.

Sorry honey buns I didn’t take a picture to gross you out with that !! It just highlighted the natural lines in my lips and made them look unattractive. I would advise to make sure to use a lip scrub to remove all dead skin on the lips. Then put some lip balm on to moisture you’re lips as I find this very drying! The texture at first feels hydrating and creamy but then it sets in starts to dry your lips out. 

I find once it starts wearing away it stains you’re lips, like a orangey colour also! It kind of ISNT that sheer of a formal I think you need about two coats to build it up. Also as it’s so empty the tube is super light ! 

Honestly I just felt so robbed like serious I was sooooo disoppinted in this product! The product is 3ml yet I felt I hadn’t got 1ml. When I looked inside the tube it’s soooo hollow I could see straight down to the bottom of the tube. Tootsie was right, the lipstick just stuck to the tube making you think that the bottle was full when indeed it wasn’t! I don’t understand how this could get missed like is it something which is done by mistake/error, are KylieCosmetics really trying to fool us all or is it meant this way? I did think as the lip glosses and the lipkits then these metals are all different weights but in the same type of tube is that the reason why it looks less? But it can’t be as il explain now.

I was so angery I took this to my Instagram page and my personal Facebook. On Instagram I had a girl DM me showing me a pic hers was like that also. This is when I took it to Facebook to the beauty pages you can join. Here I placed my picture of the half full product and asked if anybody had the same issue and guess what??? Yesssss!! Loads of other ladies had the same issue! To be honest most didn’t even realise like myself until I explained how to check the content of the product! They was all so shocked and upset ! If I had not spread  awareness they would of never knew nothing of it ! Some had explained how they had no reply from KylieCosmetics after contacting customer services I was just stunned. 

Below are some comments from other customers who shared their experiences of the metals to me on social media; 

As as a loyal customer I feel ripped off. And the cheek that either they are justifying them self or ignoring people’s emails is disgusting. I emailed KylieCosmetics straight away then they replied asking for my order number .. THIS WAS SATURDAY I emailed them again yesterday MONDAY asking what was going on?! They are so lousy no wonder I always saw people complain about their customer service, it’s terrible!!! How can you treat you’re consumers this way, eventually you will only go out of business. I feel like their management had no idea what they are doing. On Facebook I talked to so many girls who had terrible experiences, in my mind it’s just put me off buying from them. It’s just not worth the expense to be treated and ignored this way !! I will in fact now take my complaint to the BBB if they do not reply by the end of the week. 

It’s weird because I read last week Kylie got a Grade F by the Better Business Bureau. They said that the employees called it a sweat shop, that it was dangerous working conditions as oil was on the floor, that the customer service was ignoring customers and the list goes on!! 
Kylie of course defended herself and wrote a statement on her website saying:

 “I’m sick and tired of people coming for my business,” she wrote. “I love everything about Kylie Cosmetics and I will do anything in my power to protect and improve it every day and make you guys happy… I love you and apologize to anyone who felt the urge to complain and didn’t receive the service they deserve.”

Well I’m sorry Kylie i don’t sympathise AT ALL !! Who on earth is coming for you’re business apart from you’re loyal customers who loved you’re products !! I am a huge fan of the lipkits and the glosses. I’ve supported her brand from the very start I began buying the lipkits – but the metal matte lipsticks issues needs addressing. AND FAST !! How can they ignore this issue? And secondly how can a make up line put out not perfect products for their expensive prices?

You can watch this clip here 
I feel we are seen as ordinary people and yes I stated that – that we become ignored. It’s only until big names decide to speak out when action is taken. For example Jeffery Star, himself a MUA and make up lover had bought a lipgloss from KylieCosmetics and the applicators was damaged – along side everybody else who bought one ! Customers complained to customer service again they was either ignored or told no refunds! This is when customers of KylieCosmetics started tweeting Jefferry saying they was getting no response from Kylies Customer service! Jeffery then took it upon himself to address the situation via social media SnapChat and Twitter. This issue which was reported by thousands of people was ONLY taken account of by Kylie when Jeffery spoken out !! Why?? Because he is a big name and also a competitor of Kylie. This type of behaviour ruins the relationship between the loyal customers and the owner which is Kylie. She only then sent out newer versions of the applicators to all those effected! 
I did see if mixing it with the lip kits would work but I don’t know seriously I think I was just too annoyied to give the ombrΓ© look a decent go ! I do think it suited Koko K the best ( although them lines did start to show) and with Kourt K I think it was just a Noooo !! 

I’m actually just too ticked off. My blog is a place of happiness and up lifting posts, but I felt I had to say something and also bring awareness if you have bought one too !! I’m currently awaiting my email from them, which today is Tuesday so we will see what happens !! I really believe nothing will get done until somebody speaks out !!! 
Have you had a bad experience with KylieCosmetics? Then let me know !! 
Keep up-to date with my social media also ! 
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13 thoughts on “Kylie Ripped Me Off πŸ˜’

    1. I know 😭 the lipkits and glosses are actually decent but these metals are something which you would buy from the pound shop! They taste disgusting ! I’m just so shocked like they should admit the faults and improve but yet again for this price their shouldn’t be no faults everything should be perfection ! Ahahahahah thanks Hun tried to do as much research as I would possibly could before I spoken out and looked silly !! I also doubt anything will happen 😦 Thank you for reading ! 😘

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I know 😒 it’s the metals which is the problem !!!!! So upsetting!! Awh thank you for comment Hun !!! Il follow you now πŸ™‚

      Love Nat xxx


    2. Awh thank you for commenting and following sweetie !! I know they eventually sent a replacement out yesterday !!! Only because I threatened to take this matter further as at first the refused but then sent a replacement. Honestly I love her lip kits but this situation with the mattes has put me offxx


    1. Honestly her Lipkits are stunning ! I have 7 I’m planning to do a full post on them all. However the metal is just terrible it’s a product which needs improving. The taste is nasty and it isn’t matte as they have stated. I used to work in customer service and the responses I got I wouldn’t dare talk to a customer that way as they are the consumer to the business. Thank you for the read doll xx


  1. Deary me! I have just read this and you went in – good for you! It’s terrible but tbh it’s brands like this that take advantage of loyal customers and like you said only take notice when a big named person takes to media. I hope you have received some sort of response by now because the lack of product for that price or in general is just unacceptable!

    Shannon // shannonkara.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know was just really upset when I realised how I was cheated out of this product if I didn’t inspect it carefully I would of never of known! They sent me my replacement yesterday but only because I battled with them as I said I was going to report them ! Thanks for the read sweetie xx

      Liked by 1 person

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