Benefit’s Free Gift That Actually Was True πŸŒˆ

Hiiiii honey buns ! Quick catch up on the Kylie Cosmetics I was sent a replacement of Heir (after kinda battling with them) but non the less I’m just so happy I have a replacement as I know unfortunate others have not. But I guess at least it’s sorted now, so let’s forget about that for now! Two weeks ago I was sent a link by my lovely blogging girlie about reviving a FREE BENEFIT GOOF PROOF BROW PENCIL! I was abit spectacle as to whether this was just another link which was full of viruses or trying to send you emails. But unfortunately  that was far from the deal !! 

Yesterday myself and other beauty lovers was sent out a sample of the Goof Proof Brow Pencil from Benefit San Francisco ! I was literally stunned when the package arrived, I honestly thought the link was false! But myself and other ladies was so excited to test this product so here’s my honest opinion! 

First impressions the packaging

The packaging was indeed so pretty and pink – obviously a traditional colour for the girls! The colour pallet is very soft and feminine. When I opened the packaging you are greeted by a card from Benefit -showing how to use the product and other additional information . Their seems to be a magical magician theme behind the product, which gives you the impression that this shall do wonders on you’re brows! 

The Goof Proof Brow Pencil Aplicator 

I honestly think the brow pencil it self is so adorable, it really does stick to its main theme of magic as it looks like a wand. WARNING: Sooooo if f you are around children hid it away πŸ˜‚ they will automatically start to think they are a wizard and want to attend Hogwartz! 

The lid is very artistic too it has 3D shapes of triangles/diamond shapes – giving it a creative unique feel. I don’t know about you, but when I buy make up products which are abit expensive I want to see that the product is very unique not something basic. This shows to me that the company really put care when creating the product. Plus it also looks so like another glam addition in you’re make up bag ! 

The boxing 

I think the boxing of the product is so fun and creative. Like I keep saying everything is just stuck within the theme of magic ✨

This boxing really pulls you in, at the side it shows images of a before and after of brows.


Their is also a quote on the packaging stating the following; 

“95% Said it was easy to fill & shape brows.” – Consumer panel survey of 109 women after 1 week

The one thing I’ve learnt about Benefit is that the packaging of the products are very visual and informative. Such as telling you about the product itself and the results you shall expect. This for me is always a winner as I like to see what a product is capable of, in comparison of other products like a Loreal product. 

Swatch Test

I noticed online those who had received this product was complaining the pigmentation was so light when they tested the shade on their skin. I even thought the same until after doing my research – this product will not latch on to skin, it is designed to grip on to hair this is how it is activated !

So if you’ve wondering this is the reason why! For me it gildes on my skin, however I find the tip of the applicator gives more product on to the brows. I think this is because it is sharp. 
Personally think this product is more suited for those who have fuller brows, only because the product activates with hair. It doesn’t give a lot of product on you’re brows meaning you won’t get a waxy dark dramatic looking texture on you’re brows. So i would say it would make them look more subtle and natural looking. 

The Tip 

The eyebrow pencils tip is very unique it is shaped as a diamond. I think Benefit have been really creative and inventive here as this shape is so ideal for brows it really does work !  The pointed end is used to define you’re brows to create the desired shape. 

Then the wide tip is used to fill the brow out ! I do like this tip it creates the exact shape you desire for your brows. 

After filling the brow don’t forget to use a spoole brush to blend everything in and to neaten you’re brow honey buns! 

Over All Verdict…

The best thing I love about this product has to be the tip shape, I found it more convenient than any other brow pencils over ever used. I felt I had more control of creating my shape with the sharp tip then being able to fill them in with the base of the applicator. It really did start to feel like a wand turning the applicator once I got a hang of this ! Also I like the fact you just twist it up for more product no sharpening no cleaning brushes no mess ! 

What could be improved is that because the formula of the pencil is activated by only hairs, it can take time filling your brow as it is a light based product. This can be abit time consuming.

I do believe as a tiny amount of product is used this product would last ages. However I love the end results they really do look defined, sharp and fuller – basically eyebrows on fleek !! 

I would give this product a 3 and out of 5! 

If anybody else received this product please let me know how you felt !! 

Ooooo and if anybody is wondering what products I’m wearing here are some details ! 

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11 thoughts on “Benefit’s Free Gift That Actually Was True πŸŒˆ

    1. I was actually very impressed ! Awh fingers and toes crossed I hope you get it too ! Let me know once it’s arrived and what you think. Thanks for commenting x


  1. This was a really interesting post! I don’t think this product is for me because I have dark hair anyway and just need to fill in the gaps but I like the way the product looks and what you said about the tip being easier to use! Benefit do some great packaging for their products too don’t they?

    Cat | What Cat Says

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes benefit products packing are really creative they take so much care in them ! No I seriously think this wood work well on you’re brows just to fill them and define them abit ! The shade goes all the way to number 6 which is basically black so it will be okay for you ! Thank you for commenting doll ❀️


    1. Hahaha πŸ˜‚ thank you sweetie !!! I do try haha πŸ™ˆbit is really good you need to try it ! Awh the free sample has finished now it was over a week and half ago everybody filled the form out for it 😒 if they do it next time il give you a heads up xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your brows look insanely good!! I’m obsessed with brow products so will certainly be checking this out! I love the fact you don’t have to worry about sharpening the wand. The packaging is so pretttty!! xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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