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National Lipstick Day πŸ’‹

Heyyyyy honey buns, if you haven’t noticed all ready today is NATIONAL LIPSTICK DAYYYY YAAAAAAY!!! Thank you to Huda Beauty who officially trade marked this day! I had no idea that this type of day existed until today on Twitter! Hahaha like where have I been hiding seriously Nat, not impressed !!! 
Well personally I think this day is fabulous for us girlies! If you are a make up lover like myself, then you will appreciate the product of lipstick. It is just the last added ingredient that completes any look and makes you feel ready to take the world!

The Lip History…

Lipstick, or should I say attempting to decorate the lips, has been a on going trend for more than 5 thousand years. Looking back in history, it is believed that ancient Sumerian women was the first to think of the idea of decorating their lips. They would do this by crushing gemstones, which would turn into dust particles. Next they would paint and decorate their lips with the dust particles, achieving a glittery shimmer effect on the lips.

But it wasn’t until the Egyptians who took it to the next step, which it is believed to be the cause of the evolution of the lipsticks we all know today! The Egyptian royalty and those of the upper class of the Egyptian society all wore lipstick. This symbolised power, domination and sex appeal. 
They would use a completely different formular (haha) that we know today. Their ingredients would contain crushing bugs, extracting blood from insects which was then used to colour the lips red and also make other shades. To complete the process, next they would extract fish scales to create a pearlish effect to the lips. Cleopatra a iconic symbol, used this method throughout her reign. 

Throughout the next centuries the use of lipstick was up and down within trend. With other iconic figures such as Queen Elizabeth 1st, making red lips become a  fashionable statement during the Elizabethan Perid.

The lipstick Transforms ..

It wasn’t until 1915 that Maurice Levy become the sole inventor of the first ever metal lipstick tube !! It was 2 inches long, with a side lever which allowed you to push the lipstick up and down so it could be applied. They nick named them the ‘Levvy Tubes’ and it wasn’t expensive as it was targeted for ALL women in society to purchase.
Before this type of lipstick was created, originally the product was wrapped in silk paper. It would have to be applied by a brush! Imagine that haha if your lipstick smudged their would be no chance of reapplying when being out the house!! Why? Because it would of melted and smudged all in you’re bag or purse ! 
What is my fave lipstick and shade and WHY ? 

In today’s society their are soooooo many lipsticks such as brands, shades and textures to keep up with ! 

Shade wise, for me my fave would HAVE to be the classic red shade honey buns ! When you put on red lipstick it just makes you feel ready for where you are heading! Also I feel it completes a beautiful outfit making it look more sophisticated and classy. I don’t know if it’s me but with red lipstick I feel more mature looking as a women – like a female boss !! I just think it’s the whole vibe red lips gives off that you are not a girl – but a lady. Red lips is a iconic shade especially if you find that deep rich red which is why I have choosen this brand as my fave!

Yes you see it, it is Kylie Cosmetics with Mary Jo K ! Honestly honey buns, this is just the one ! I’m not saying it either because it’s Kylies brand, because before I was soooooo obsessed with Macs Ruby Woo Matte lipstick. 

HOWEVER … After abit of time on my lips, Ruby Woo would just start to crumble away! Thats not an appealing look when red lips are SOOOO noticeable to ones eye ! This would only cause me to keep reapplying it and becoming abit anxious. To which escalated it becoming looking so cakey. So in the end I would have to remove it all and reapply from scratch. I honestly don’t know why it does this, I don’t know if it’s the formular as its matte and it’s causing my lips to dry? But I kept having the same hassle, but I put up with it because I adored the shade! 
Buttttttt the along came Kylie Cosmetics with Mary Jo K – a matte lipstick which does non of the above !

It’s a matte lipstick which is super light on your lips – as if nothing is on them. It doesn’t crack, nor crumble and it is so even once applied. The shade of red is on point, im in love with it. It’s also non transferable, it only wears off within the inner lip ring if you eat oily foods. But I guess that’s reasonable as oil would remove any type of make up ! AND THE PLUS SIDE it smells to die for of cupcakes! 

I would deffo give this product a 5 out of 5 rating ! I adore it so much ! As its a lipkit it comes with a lip liner so firstly line you’re lips ensuring no mistakes would be done once filled. Then you fill out the lips with the fluffy dome applicator. This is soaked of the product so you won’t have to keep putting it into the tube for more product ! The pigamentation is so rich in colour it really is a beautiful shade. The matte lipstick texture is not feelable  at all it’s hard to explain it actually feels like their is nothing on my lips it feels so natural ! It takes about 20seconds to dry! I am definitely hooked to this shade, it will be my all time classics.

I also read that Kylie was inspired by her grand mother when she created this shade as it is truely a classic – hence why it’s named Mary Jo K after her! 

Here are some throw back selfie of me on Eid wearing Mary Jo K ! 

The shade of red lipstick years ago was seen as a controversial issue. Some say it’s too sexy, men may think it’s worn to persue them and some think you should be a certain limit age before you wear the shade. Thankfully in a newly modernised world myself and other women have embraced all the negativity yet we still go and rock the shade! I personally think red lipstick is a symbol of female beauty! 

Yesssss if Sleeping Beauty, Snow White can have red lips ohhhh and waaaait AND The little Mermaid oh wait nearly the whole of the Disney Princesses have red lips then why shouldn’t we!! It’s trendy, a beautiful shade and it will forever live on !! 

I hope you liked this post ! It was so random to me haha with the given day of celebration of lipstick I had to make this post ! Tell me which lipsticks are you’re faves at the moment and also which lipsticks you tested but failed !!

Lots of love Nat xx
#PrayForPalestine ❀️

10 thoughts on “National Lipstick Day πŸ’‹

  1. Thanks for this post Nat! Very informative yet still fun just like u! I totally hear u on the red lipstick front, it’s beautiful, sassy, sexy yet classy on women and also one of my favourite shades! I like deep purples, pinks but love red lips generally! Great post chick!

    Shannon //

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  2. The history of lipstick was so interesting to read! I remember also reading somewhere that in the 1920s before blusher was a thing, women would pinch their cheeks really hard until they turned red. We have it easy now! Great post and really nice photography πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love your selfies sweetie, really suits you. The colour does look gorgeous so can see why it’s your fav. Definitely love a good rich rep lip. What interesting facts about lipsticks history too. I always just assumed they would have used berries or something… But bugs blood?! Yuck!

    Love Hannah xx


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