Glossier – Lip Gloss Review â™¡ðŸŒ¸

Hi my honey buns 🍯 🐝 I’ve decided to just get straight into this next post! No usual long intro as always! I’m going to review the Glossier Lip Gloss!

I know this is one of the most wanted items in its line and it is heavily advertised all over Instagram. This item was the reason I made my very first purchase to Glossier, as without exaggerating I am a MASSIVE GLOSS FAN!! I don’t know I just can’t really stand matte lips at the moment and I’d rather wear a satin lipstick coated with a gloss on top! I just think they make the lips look more full and give it a new dimension in shaping! However that is only achieved with certain glosses! Will the Glossier Lip Gloss love up to its name??? Then read on to find out !!!!

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Glossiers Claim;

“We took everything you love about lip gloss, got rid of everything you don’t, and formulated the perfect Lip Gloss. Our formula gives lips one thing: cushiony, crystal clear shine—no gluey feeling, no stickiness, no grittiness, no glitter. The fuzzy doe-foot applicator glides on a delightfully lightweight layer for a comfortable, glassy finish that won’t disappear after an hour (oooh yeeeah). And because it’s Glossier, your lips stay soft and hydrated thanks to moisturizing Vitamin E. Shine on, friend.”

First impressions – The Packaging

The Lip Gloss comes in a white and pale baby pink rectangle box. It is very simplistic and very feminine looking – basically just by looking at this packaging you can tell it’s a Glossier product! As it carries that generic staple of the brand. On the packaging it contains the standard required information needed for a product. Their is 4.2ml in this product and also it is cruelty free. Which is a mega bonus as all Glossier products are cruelty free! This item is £11 and the delivery fee is free over £30! Looking at the ingredients included I’m guessing it will provide you’re lips with lots of hydration due to the vitamin E! But let’s put this to the test!

Design of the Lip Gloss

The design of the lip gloss is in a traditional shape. The part of the tube of the Lip Gloss which contains the product is transparent. I think this is beneficial to us as consumers as you can see how much product is inside the tube! Tbh I love this idea as I know ALOT OF BRANDS TRY TO PULL A FAST ONE ON US CONSUMERS AND MAKE THE PRODUCT HALF FULL!!!! MEANING WE ARE BEING RIPPED OFF WITH OUR HARD EARNED DOLLAR DOLLAR OR AS IN ENGLAND WE SAY OUR CASH!! You can see a example of what I mean by this in my old post of “Kylie Ripped me off,” then you will understand! The product is a light pink tone, so we will see if this shade will tint the lips as the company claims it is clear! The lid of the Lip Gloss is white which in reflection, personally I think it polishes the end product. Then on the front of the transparent part of the gloss, in black font it has the Glossier logo.

First Try

While trying this item I’ve got to admit I was very giddy ! I know, I know I sound like a looser but I just love Gloss, it can look really on point if the formula is right!

As I twist open the lid to pull out the applicator I noticed no extra resaude came along with it!

The doe foot applicator is thick in texture and flat in design on both sides. I think this works well as not an excessive amount of product is able to soak into the doe foot making you’re lips look gluey. With this you are in complete control of how you want to coat the lips as it can be buildable! Although I don’t think you need to go into the tube more than once ! I can’t help saying it but it really does give that 90s feel ! I mean just look at it it’s so cute !!

As I applied the product on my lips it didn’t feel tacky on my lips. Without effort I was able to apply the gloss with ease. Once applied it looked so pretty on the lips – nothing over the top it’s something that can be worn everyday even to work! It made my lips look healthier, nourished and even slightly bigger in size due to the glass like effect. Their is no added glitter or sheen so it looks completely natural. It adds a slight pink tint also, which I believe enhances the natural lip shade. It’s nothing dramatic just very subtle. The wear I would say lasts longer than a hour on the lips. Then even when it did begin to wear off my lips did still feel nourished – so thank you vitamin E! Normally Lip Gloss fades away in under a hour but timing this I had mine on for over a hour.

I also did a extra test, I swatched the product on my arm then rubbed this into my skin to see how it would react. *I know it sounds dumb doing this test but trust me, Lip Gloss can be messy especially if you drop the applicator on yourself!* Amazingly it just rubbed into my skin with ease leaving no sticky surface behind – to my amazement it actually felt moisturised. No word of a lie!

Extra Perks?

As I spoken about in my last review on Glossier with the Mango Balm Dotcom, I love the pink bubble wrap bag which the products come in ! Designed to prevent damage and also so it can be recycled to be reused as a cosmetic bag! You also get to choose a free sample which I choose the Priming Moisturizer which I’m interested to try!

Over all I would rate this product a 4 out of a 5! Why I bet you are asking? Well the reason why I didn’t give it a full 5 stars is because I’m greedy!!!!! I just want more product for £11 I think that’s reasonable right? But other than that hands down I honestly have tried and tested a lot of Lip Glosses and I honestly loved this! When I have used this I will definitely be making another purchase again!

If you have tried this product please let me know what you personally thought of below!

If you would want to buy this product or any of Glossier products you can get 10% off with this discount link

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Praying for world peace, love and just always 🙏🏿❤️

Love Nat xxx

19 thoughts on “Glossier – Lip Gloss Review â™¡ðŸŒ¸

  1. I understand you so well with half empty products! This is so annoying. You look at the packaging and think “oh, I got such a big product” and you end up with a tiny, half empty bottle. This is so enfuriating! The lipgloss looks rather nice – very girl and light, I think it’s worth a try.

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  2. Seems like what I need at the moment. Unfortunately, they do not ship to South Africa. Do you perhaps know any online resellers who ship internationally?
    Great post by the way 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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