How to keep safe in the sun ☀️

Heyyyyyyyyy all! How are you!??? Over here in England we’ve had this sudden heat wave and temperatures have been 25 degrees!!!!!!! But knowing us in a few days it’s going to rain! *Boooooooooooooo!* ☔️

It’s also been Easter over here aswel and I’ve had 3 days off for the Easter weekend *eeeekkkkk* So I’ve just been enjoying it with my husband. The places we have visited was Scarborough on the Saturday and Preston on the Sunday ! Both places was so cute to visit in different ways but I’d really definitely recommend!

*Imagines below are from Scarborough 🐣☀️*

*Images below are from Preston 🐰☀️*

Ok so let’s get straight to this post which will advise you how to protect yourself from the harsh sun rays! You’re skin is you’re largest organ on the body we need to look after this☀️

Why Is It Important For Heat Protection?

Nobody wants their skin to age faster than what it’s suppose to do! Looking 35 and being 27 – no thank you!!!! Also I’m pretty sure nobody wants wrinkly ageing skin which looks unhealthy! This is why it’s such a important part of my daily routine to look after my skin on my face and why you should make it yours too!! If you do not do the basics of looking after skin during you’re time out, especially in high temperatures then you will most definitely start to develop preaging skin!!! Alongside with bright red and peeling skin – cute I know 🙄


Never ever use SPF lower than 15 regardless of any skin tone! Myself a mixed raced individual, I am lucky I do not burn but I still take care. To some this may seem unconvient however your skin cells can still be damaged by looking through a microscope. No matter how long you decide to stay in the sun rays, ALWAYS PROTECT IT AND WEAR SUN CREAM!


  • Apply 30mins before going out
  • Reapply every two hours
  • Don’t use a small amount – use two tea spoons & cover everything
  • Reapply area of skin which gets wet or if you have a dip in pool


Ok so the UK weather over here is soooo up and down that not many bother thinking about including SPF in their daily routine! Did you know you can burn even when it is cloudy also! The parts of the body which is shown daily are the face, the neck and hands are the areas without doubt I protect. I always tend to moisturise my face then add sun cream after! This just adds a protecting barrier base to keeping these areas safe. As a natural red head my face is covered in freckles and even more freckles! Although I do not burn I like to keep safe. I firmly believe we all need to get a balance between getting sun and absorbing vitamin D for our own benefit! Hiding under shades and wearing a umbrella is not enough to fight the rays, the UVB rays can still reach the skin. Hence why sun cream is so so important I can’t stress enough!

*Image of Scarborough beach above*

Many do not take care of rising freckles and colour changes in moles – we just don’t pay attention to them. For the awareness of our skin I feel this generation is so concerned in getting that tanned Kardashian look at any expense – with the helping of sun bathing and sun beds we do not choose to see what the end results can be – SKIN CANCER. Once this enters the blood stream that’s it – now is it all really worth it???

The Sun Cream I use on my face Daily without doubt is the Glossier Invisible Shield with a added SPF 30!! For me the higher the SPF number the more comfortable I feel knowing I’ve got that added protection.

Glossier’s Claim;

“Not optional. If you don’t already use sun protection every day, now’s the time to start. If you do, good! Now it’s time for an upgrade. Introducing sunscreen for people who hate wearing sunscreen—a clear watergel formula filled with active microcapsules that instantly absorbs into skin with no greasy residue and zero white cast. It helps prevent sun damage and skin cancer, but also works to neutralize harmful free radicals, and keeps pollutant junk from getting in there in the first place—that’s the “+”. We want you to use it every single morning as the last step in your skincare routine.”

The tube of the bottle is a pump! I recommend two pumps per day for the face and neck and one pump for hands! It’s a light weight formula which transfers as clear on the skin with no strong added scent – which I love !

The formula isn’t sticky on the skin, it absorbs leaving it feeling soft. Also as I have sensitive skin I have not reacted to it! I genuinely can not feel it in my face! When I have taken pictures I also get no flash back as I know for example some foundations with added SPF do!

Their is 30ml of product in the tube for £20. I know the price is high but I’m sure you spend £20 on a top which is probably worn once – with this it’s a investment! I love that the lid is a luminous yellow too as I know I won’t be loosing this item 😂 With its size it can fit in your bag with no problem too! Glossier also includes free shipping for orders over £30 too!

I genuinely love this product I will be reusing it every day of my life!! I rate it 4/5 only because I feel we could have more product right!


Its crazy to think we only think about our skin during high temperatures but what about our hair and what type of make we should be wearing too!

How to protect the hair

    Wear hats or scarfs they will protect the hair from frazzling
    Don’t forget you’re scalp – this is extremely sensitive skin dab screen in
    Make sure the hair has been brushed before entering high temperatures, as the heat dries hair strands and will snap hair when attempting to brush

Make up must haves

  1. Waterproof mascara
  2. Lip Balm/lip oil
  3. Bronzer
  4. Skin Scrub

I hope this post has really made you thinking about looking after you’re skin against the sun rays no matter where you are in the world! If you use a different product or take a different approach please comment below I’d love to hear!

If you have tried this product please let me know what you personally thought of below!

If you would want to buy this product or any of Glossier products you can get 10% off with this discount link

If you have tried this product please let me know what you personally thought of below!

If you would want to buy this product or any of Glossier products you can get 10% off with this discount link

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Praying for world peace, love and just always 🙏🏿❤️

Love Nat xxx

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  1. This was perfect! I am very fair and always turn red in the sun, factor 50 all the way for me 🙊 but I really want to try glossier out, the image with the beach behind looks so pretty! Thanks for getting me onto their suncare products, cant wait for the next post 😊


  2. Great post! Sunscreen is soooo important!! I haven’t been to England in awhile and you just made me seriously crave a flake 🙂 We don’t get them here in America..but I was born in England, lol.


  3. That was a very interesting and descriptive post –
    I like the fact that it isn’t sticky major bonus ❤️💚💙💛💜😍💜💛💙💚❤️

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