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Yandra Tea Company ☕️ 🌸

I was kindly aaproached by the YANDRA TEA COMPANY in April to review two of their items. But due to personal reasons which the company supported me I had to take time out on everything and focus on myself. Which this brand was amazing they never pestered me and allowed me to have my own breathing space so they will always have a special place on my heart for this. As always when a company approaches me, I have to research them in depth to see what they stand for. To be quite frankly I really really believe their ethic values!

About Yandra Tea Company

Fuchsia pink roses are seen as a symbol of admiration and appreciation within society. They are historically the most dominant flower within the roses species.

Andra Mihalcea is the owner of the Yandra Tea Company. With strong skill knowledge and experience within the sales sector in Romania, Andra decided to implement this into her family farm. Here for many decades they traditionally harvested roses. With Andra’s hard work, she aimed to bring her family products into the U.K market. Here she researched and sourced the best type of teas around the world, determined into creating a product which would be the finest on the current tea market. Andra not only researched her competitors teas, but from influences she “created her own handcrafted and exquisite packaging presentation. Once everything was finalised In 2017, the Yandra Tea Company was finally founded on to the U.K. market.

Andras Inspirations for the teas are being “Passionate of art, flowers and quality – Andra’s decision to combine all together came naturally. Yandra uses ONLY fully recyclable and sustainable packaging. Their core ethical values are to “combine organic, high quality tea from around the globe into a truly fine product” for their customer. They also sponsor a charity called “Africa Angels” which here the company’s aim is to give “back to the less fortunate by donating  part of the profits.” Andra decided to support the charity while she visited Africa as she was “overwhelmed by the poverty but realised what a huge difference the charity was making.”

Myself growing up in Yorkshire, tea is a part of our day to day culture. I’m sure you’ve heard of our own home grown tea too ! “Having a bad day – have a cuppa tea. Pop round for a chat – and have a cuppa tea. Having morning breakfast – have it with a cuppa tea. Winter cold nights – warm up with a cuppa tea.” Tea is the main element of bringing the minds and hearts within our society together in our homes.

Ok so before I get into this post I just want to say how all thoughts and opinions are my very own! These items were gifted to me for a brutally honest review!

Yandra Damask Rose Bud Flower Tea 50g

Company’s claim:

This wonderfully fragrant and light tea is made by plucking the most delicate fledgling Damask Rose Buds and then meticulously drying them using traditional methods. A delightful infusion that is best enjoyed in an elegant glass cup, the deliciously pale-green liquor imparts a graceful flavour, which is light and refreshing on the tongue. Revered for its ability to increase circulation and improve heart health, this exceptional herbal tea has a unique beauty and offers a soothing cup which can be enjoyed during a quiet moment in the day.


I am not going to lie even after you’re eyes has looked at this packaging several times, this packaging is so so so stunning! To be honest I didn’t even want to touch this item, as it is such a wow statement piece. The contrast of the pop purple packaging with the laser cutting design, allowed the soft pink rose tea buds to show through which made it effective and unique. I have never ever seen tea packaging presented in such a elegant way!

As you lift the lid the rose buds aroma fills your nostrils, along with a beautiful colour palette, dazzling the eyes. A inspirational quote greets you on the lid “A woman is like a tea bag – you don’t know how strong she is until you put her in hot water” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Design of the rose tea buds

Once I lifted the lid of the packaging I was greeted by utter perfection. The rose buds was completely stunning – something which I had never seen before. And I am being 100% genuine! The images above does not give it enough justice. You can see every inch of detailing on these rose buds. Which for me gives me more confidence in the brand with its ethical statements. You can tell these are home grown and not mass produced.

Every tea bud was very similar in size so you could see that they had been processed correctly. The aroma of roses is slightly strong – but not in a empowering way. You will genuinely not want to touch this product as it’s such a beautiful item.

Testing the product

Okay so presentation wise this product blew my mind! But remember don’t always judge a book by its cover right! So I needed to try the product myself. I placed a few rose buds into hot boiling water (ok I admit I went over load 🙊) Slowly after 1 minute the water had turned into a yellowish golden tone and then the rose buds slowly started to slowly open up. They really did resemble a newly bloomed flower during spring – but only this was filling my cup.

I had placed extra Rose buds as I really liked the taste so I wanted to make it much stronger. It is up to you how strong you would want this flavour to be. As I tasted this tea I instantly felt relaxed, as if my body instantly felt calm. I drink a lot of mint mixed with green tea so testing this was exciting to myself! Because I wanted to see what benefits it would have on the body. I didn’t feel like I was intoxicating my body but instead detoxing.I think it was the smell of the rose which made my mind body and soul feel relaxed.

Extra perks

With this tea you are gifted a journal to write notes. This tea costs £14.99 with free delivery on Amazon. With this extra gift it’s worth’s the money! What’s even more divine is every single page in this journal has a quote about tea. You can just tell how much passion has gone into this company as they have simply gone in such depth with every single element of detailing of their products. .

Over all verdict?

I was swept off my feet when I, one received this product, two the presentation of the item and three the taste. I do genuinely believe this item is worth £14.99! If anything it’s a bargain! I looked up other tea brands to compare and they are retailing at £20 plus for similar benefits! Also with Yandra you get a free journal !

Rose Simple Syrup 440ml

The next product I will review which was also gifted by the Yandra Tea company was the Rose Simple Syrup 440ml.

Company’s claim;
“A deliciously fragrant and colourful rose syrup that captures the spirit of summer and can be used in many ways. Rose Syrup is much more than just a flavouring for cocktails or desserts. Diluted in water with lots of ice and a squeeze of lemon or lime it makes a delightful summer drink. For those special occasions, add to a glass of prosecco and delight in the amazing delicate aroma. Or why not try it straight from the bottle – next time you have a fruit salad drizzle a little over the fruit for a very special taste.


Again the signature look of the generic purple packaging and laser cutting has been used. However I think because of the weight of the syrup, that a thicker card should of been used to support the glass bottle.

Design of bottle

The bottle is made out of transparent glass and has a golden top. As the bottle is transparent you can see how much product is inside this bottle. This to me is important, as most company’s today don’t tend to fill bottles up as they state.

Testing The Product

This Syrup is much much sweeter than the tea. I simply mixed the syrup with lemonade, I’ve amd a slice of lemon as I do not drink alcohol. I only used abit of the syrup as it is very strong. For me drinking this was refreshing and something that I would serve at dinner parties ! Retailing at £9.99 I think it’s a bargain with its multi-use!

Extra Perks

Now the comparison between this product and the tea is that the syrup is multi-use. You can use it for cake making, drinks and foods!

Overall Verdict?

As mentioned before I do not drink, therefore I think this syrup is perfect for anyone who would want to try something different to drink! It would look very pretty at any dinner party also! Or would be a amazing gift for anybody who likes to bake too! I will be buying another bottle once it is finished !


Overall I adore this brand. I love how they support a charity and stick to their home grown roots. Yandra is a inspiration to anybody who has a dream of expanding their home grown business across the world. I love how everything has been given such extra thought into completing the items as a whole. The only thing I would say is for the company to use a thicker type of card for the Rose Simple Syrup. As I don’t think it really supports the weight of the Syrup. But other than that I would say the company is on point! From packaging, to price point and to what you actually expect from these products – they deliver exactly what they say in their description box! Whether it is purchased for a gift or for yourself, the receiver of these items will not be let down! I have given these items a 5/5!!!!! Yesssss because they are genuinely worth every penny!!!

If you have tried this brand at all please leave a comment below or if you are simply a tea lover! If you purchase anything from this brand then please leave me a comment below !!!!

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Praying for world peace, love and just always 

Love Nat xxx


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  1. What elegance! It would make such a pretty gift with the way it is packaged. And, despite the colors, it is not reminding me of a stuffy English room. I have made rose syrup and mixed it with carbonated water and ice before; it makes for a lovely cooling drink!

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